Batala Mundo

  “Rhythm is the fundament of music. It is a sensorial experience that starts in utero, hearing the beat of our mother’s heart. Drums doesn’t need any translation and gather people from different nationality, sex, age, color, shape and belief to show how equal we really are.”.  

The percursionist and producer, Giba Gonçalves, formed in 1997 the first chapter, Batala Paris, of what would become a world-wide Afro- Brazilian percussion movement – Batala Mundo.

Playing a style called samba reggae (originated on Giba’s hometown, Salvador – Bahia) Batala exploded in the European cultural arts and music scene.

Today, Batala has a worldwide membership of over 1,000 drummers and is a live movement where some sisters are dorment (Germany, South Africa, Portugal) and other are expanding around the globe: England, Belgium, Brazil, Germany*, Wales, Portugal*, Austria, US, Guadaloupe, South Africa*, Greece, Netherands, Spain, Argentina, Martinica, México, Switzerland, Australia.

Bands are 10 to 200 drummers strong. All bands share the same costumes, instruments, choreographies and, of course, musical repertoire composed by Giba but each sister contingent is self-organized and self-governed, and uses the shared artistic and cultural platform of Batalá to connect across multiple nations and to connect to the unique needs of their local communities.

Each year, members from all Batala bands around the world gather to learn new pieces, exchange knowledge, as well as celebrate! The common musical and artistic repertoire facilitates members' participation in Batala events all over the world, including Notting Hill Carnival, Dia de los Muertos Festivities in Tepoztlan and Brazilian Carnaval, where Batala members join our sister bloco afro, Cortejo Afro, in Salvador.


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